Mobile local search

Mobile local search Mobile local searchSince 2010 Google is really focus on competing in the local business ranking area.Sure they want invest a lot money in 2011 and tried to buy Groupon again. Google investment team made the same offer last year to Yelp,they clearly focus about local small business. We think in the furure the search engine giant Google filter will give in the next future by the mobil-phone the best result for find a restaurant or the hotel where we are in real time, with a much better experience than maps search has today.

The problem of this is about the quality of the results, we not sure they will still the same, we can see now if i search SEO firm company we don’t get the best SEO company in the map list but the general local list by adresses. We are sure Google gonna improve the search filter, and the more fast way to improve local search filter is buy the best local search website in order to have much better experience than maps search has today.Also Bing announce some big change for more local search search service few days ago.

According to Microsoft office : “Shaping the results, dynamic presentation of results based on the capabilities of the device, and a recognition of typical user behavior patterns on devices. For example on mobile devices, people’s queries are more locally focused and much shorter in duration than on a desktop.” The online stat service comScore report, Bing accounted for 24 percent of total American queries, whereas 69 percent were performed through Google.