10 Steps for Creating High Ranking Blog Posts

webandrank 10 stap high ranking.thumbnail 10 Steps for Creating High Ranking Blog PostsFollow these 10 steps and I promise that you can high ranking the quality of your posts in whatever subject you are writing about.

One of the major problems with writing blog posts is that time is working against you, but I suggest a well considered but late article is better than a crap article on time. I like to take a step back, take a deep breath and make sure I’m not skipping over important factors in creating a genuine piece of prose. In this article I will tell you 10 different moments at which you need to stop, think and check you are giving it the right consideration.

1. Choice of Topic
Spend some time thinking about what it is you want to right about. Are you confident that you have a good understanding of this topic, is it relevant to the current Internet synergy, is it being searched for?

2. Manufacturing a Great Title
The art of headline making has existed ever since the first newspapers were published. Imagine somebody looking through hundreds of blog titles, they will not read everything only the posts that have interesting titles. If you see ‘Is it Better to Write for Search Engines or People Reading the Articles’ you think, yawn, boring but if you see something like ‘Humans Vs Search Engines‘ it might grab your attention (in fact the former title was very successful for this blog).

3. Opening Statement
If you are lucky enough for somebody to click on your title then you need a second hook to pull them in and keep them reading. I find its good to basically restate the headline but in more detail. Try to make the opening statement flow from the headline so the reader can see that the article has been well written.

4. Something of Interest
Your post needs to offer something to its readers. Does it solve a problem, offer advice, give useful tips, a new opinion, an original idea or up-to-date news? These sorts of things will give your post ‘legs’; the readers will want to share it with their colleagues and friends.

5. Call to Action
If you can motivate your readers to be pro-active for some cause then this leads to a deeper more meaningful relationship with your readership.

6. In-depth Research
Once you have written your post ask yourself if it has been researched in enough detail. Adding that extra level of depth can really connect with your readers; it looks professional and shows your expertise.

7. Syntax, Grammar and Spelling
Not all of your readers will be Indian SEO engineers, many will be experts in the English language and errors in spelling, grammar or syntax can be immediately off-putting. I will tell you some invaluable advice, when you have finished writing and you think the post is ready for publishing don’t publish. Go and do something else for a few hours, do something that makes you totally forget what you were writing about, when you come back to your post I guarantee there will be some glaring mistakes that you didn’t notice before. At Uni I would always left at least one day before finishing and final proofing my essays.

8. Publishing Your Posts at the Most Suitable Time
If you can publish your posts at the time when most people will most likely see it is obviously an advantage for you. Remember people don’t tend to use the Internet much at weekends, and Monday mornings is one of the busiest times. If you work out of a more obscure country for example Singapore then remember the time differences between you and America.

9. SEO
If you don’t know how to work all those little techniques to improve you search engine rankings and to spread your post deep in the Internet, then don’t expect it to be well read. Content comes first but without the SEO knowledge only a few people will read what you write.

Stay active even after you have written the post. Once your article picks up speed and people started ‘retweeting’ you need to be involved in the after debate. Readers like to feel close to the author too.

I can’t guarantee that if you follow the 10 Steps for Creating High Ranking Blog Posts  rules you will be the most successful blog writer ever, but they will certainly give you a leg up. Slow down and make sure you are putting enough time into the key areas of blog writing. I think the best advice is to put some time between finalising and final-proofing, I without fail always find one or two small mistakes. Also without a decent title no one will read what you write.