12 Things you Must be to Build a Blog Following

blog follower.thumbnail 12 Things you Must be to Build a Blog FollowingThe key to building traffic online isn’t in getting the most visitors you can, so much as it is in getting the right visitors. As usual, the focus is quality not quantity. It is all about having readers that will keep coming back for more. So here are 12 things you can do make yourself a better blogger and attract a devoted community.

Once you have built your community of course, you are free to pursue affiliate marketing, Adsense or whatever. You could even start selling products and turn it into a full e-commerce business. You could even start an eBay business, you can then direct your customers to your blog and your blog readers to your eBay business

But first… Building traffic


I don’t recommend over doing this – if you go out of your way to be controversial you will just offend and lose readers. That said, don’t be afraid to stand out. Have your own opinions and dis-agree if you have a good argument. If you just talk the same as everyone else, there is no reason for people to come to you.

List writing

This is another old favourite. Lists are always popular – they can be a little over done, but the occasional list will certainly be welcomed by your readers. This is also a great way to achieve the next point…

Be actionable

Readers like to see posts that give them ideas that they can try out right away. Try to make most of your posts have at least one actionable conclusion that your readers can take away from it.

Have a laugh or two

Most blogs are pretty serious most of the time – but even if your blog is an indepth tutorial style, why not lighten the mood once in a while? Make your readers laugh – this will cause a release of endorphins and your readers will automatically associate your blog with enjoyment. They will be more likely to come back as a result.

Write short posts

Some readers are short on time and just looking for a quick distraction. Give them what they crave in bitesized form. This is a great way to fill in when you don’t have much time too. Not every post needs to be a novel.

Write long posts

For the real junky reader. Get stuck in to a subject, write a definitive post that really lays it all out. Tutorial style posts lend themselves well to this. Covering everything in one go is a good way to attract linking and sharing too.

Try to help

Most people who search on the internet are looking for answers to solve whatever their problems are. If you can figure out the implicit questions your readers have when they find your site, you can answer those questions… They’ll appreciate that.

Passion matters

If you don’t believe in what you write about, why should your readers? Get involved and pour some emotion into every post you write. People like to connect with real people – bare your soul and show that you are a real person and not just one of those clever blog writing robot people… ahem.

Talk about other people

Blogging is all about sharing the love. Tell your readers about the blogs you like. This will help you to be helpful, which we talked about already. If you link to other blogs is shows that you are interested in helping your readers… You get what you give as they say.

Niche, niche, niche

How niche can you go? The trend in internet searches is toward longer search terms. People want specific answers – don’t blog about cameras – that’s to vague to help anyone. Instead; blog about high end digital SLR photography… you get the idea.

It takes time

Blogging is a marathon. If you want to make money fast learn how to make money eBay (that’s the quickest option I’ve tried at leat). Blogging is a great way to make money online, but it doesn’t come quickly or easily.

Use pictures

Pictures draw the eye. Filtering through a sea of text is hard work. Use some images to make your posts a little easier on the eye. They don’t even need to be particularly relevant – just a bit of color goes a long way.

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