New Energy Internet Economy

cavo c1.thumbnail New Energy Internet Economy

We exspected the internet to play an increasing role in cutting energy,the future internet represents THE big business opportunity for researchers and corporations by new economic models and create marketing opportunities where they will make profits by reducing CO2 emissions. Growth in the” Internet Economy” can cut energy consumption in two important ways, one, the IT sector consumes less energy than traditional manufacturing, so growth in this sector engenders less incremental energy use, two, the internet economy appears to be increasing efficiency in every sector of the real economy,the more visible aspect is less paper and transportation.

This is a time when the internet economy is expected to grow everywhere and when the internet is expected to be used to directly save energy through all the users.In the same way that the internet changed the way that people exchange information, the emergence of distributed energy resources and continued expansion of demand management programs will significantly change the energy delivery model and necessarily the marketing methods thereby engendered.

Impact of e-commerce on energy and the environment remains the most comprehensive analyses to date on the nature and scope of the internet’s effect on energy consumption and gas emissions. If companies ,or services firms, put their stores and offices on the internet, rather than constructing new retail buildings it would represent an internet structural gain and they would have used the internet to more effectively manage their existing supply chain, it would be an efficiency gain,E.g. :

• replacing commuting with telecommuting
• replacing shopping with teleshopping
• replacing air travel with teleconferencing
• enabling digital transmission or e-materialization of a variety of goods that
are today shipped by truck, train and plane, including formerly printed
material, software, construction materials, and the like
• improving the efficiency of the supply chain
• increasing the capacity utilisation of the entire transportation system

A minute spent traveling uses 8 to 12 times as much energy, respectively, as a minute spent in service buildings or at home . Moreover, one’s home is always using a fair amount of energy, even when one is traveling. Whereas ,the family car uses energy only when it is being driven . Therefore, the incremental energy benefit of spending an extra minute online rather than traveling is even greater than 12 to 1 . Heavy internet users spend less time driving than average so use less energy . A war for access to energy sources has started .