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linkedwords Get Contextually Linked FOR ALL COMMON WEB USER LIKE YOU

After spending many days in Search Engine Placement for your website you will be happy to know how  words and phrases can organized into contextual categories,paths, and semantic URLs LinkedWords is a new approach to contextually organize the information on the web. Initially  invented by Oleg Lazarov, part of Intelum, a private entrepreneurial group of e-business brainstormers and inventors since 1995, it now has PR and marketing offices located in Mountain View, California and is part of the publicly traded company EXIM Internet Group, Inc. (OTC:EXGN), which maintains an IT center in Europe. Through its innovative and one of the biggest web contextual platform, it provides web publishers with a unique way to do grammatical, meaningful and contextual hyper-linking of words, phrases and whole sentences within their content. Doing contextual hyper-linked words across millions of web pages, documents and content areas  help common users contextually find the information they look for at the right time and place, just on demand , the only place on the web where you can create contextual listing . LikedWords help you to drive target traffic , get the target information that you look for,can create as many site listing targeted , results are show to you at the right place and time when you really need it , your site can obtain ten of thousands higly relevant inbound link direct to your site for free and build a solid long term popularity and in additionally human editor will approve it .You can list your site under many keyword as the number of the keyword key phrases and sentence so you can link back from your page content page .This site put your keyword/phrase online inside to a contextual semantic listing more easy and effective way to spread your information to the netin order to become more contextually visible , findable, and visited when other web sites link to the same words from other content areas with the same context  and is all free open for all type and size of websites and is not showing java contextual ads based on the context of a given page . All web masters who want to improve the visibility and increase the targeted traffic of their websites, must make as many as possible contextual links through LinkedWords .


Search and Give result by Microsoft

msn Search and Give result by MicrosoftGoogle and are still racking up annual growth rates in the 30-40 per cent range and Microsoft launches the new strategy ” Charity for searching” Microsoft will donate money (a penny) each time some one use that page for searching . More then 100,000 schools and 900,000 non-profit organizations participating in the program and track the donations around the globe , users can also transform tickets they’ve earned playing games on Microsoft’s Live Search Club . The way to get peoples use Microsoft search engine is not really creative but is interesting to see how quick people can get organized and reach other people also you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia , to participate in the Program you must have a Windows Live , Microsoft contracts with third parties including Philanthropic Research, Inc. for services related to its charitable donations through the Program , every time you use Search and Give to search the web, you earn a penny for your cause .