A Bad Day for Trading Leaves Tech Stocks Down

fotoflexer photo.thumbnail A Bad Day for Trading Leaves Tech Stocks DownIt has been a bad night for Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo and Amazon; amazingly the Tesla CEO makes $672 Million in one day.

Webandrank keeps a close eye on the stock markets and some of the companies we follow have seen significant drops in their stock prices. This downward momentum in the stock market can be clearly noticed if we look at the Nasdaq which finished 3.85 percent down; the Dow finished 2.65 percent down and the S&P was down 3.10 percent.

How has the disrupted tech stocks?

For those companies that are important for us SEO and SEM companies it doesn’t look good. Microsoft saw a decline of 4.07 percent and was still sliding in the after-hours trading. Google also sunk down by 3.77 percent, while all this was going on Yahoo is looking to pick itself up after a 4.68 percent drop (and still falling). Continue Reading

The Classic SEO Mistakes

tn webandrank seo mistake.thumbnail The Classic SEO MistakesWhat are the things you should avoid when it comes to SEO marketing?

Many people are fighting for those top positions; SEO and SEM are the chosen weapons of Webmasters all over the world. SEO like in a real war has rules of engagement and breaking these rules can have detrimental effects. One of these will see you at The Hague the other will see a loss in website traffic.

What should you avoid when optimizing your search engine ranking?

Do not try to fool the search engines by using blackhat SEO techniques such as gateway pages or sneaky redirects. These can cause you to be banned by Google, Yahoo etc. Continue Reading

How to Make Money From Your Personal Blog

personal blog webandrank.thumbnail How to Make Money From Your Personal BlogAdbrite Makes More Sense than Adsense

In 2008 Technorati stated that is was tracking over 112.8 million personal blogs and I’m guessing half of those have been monetized.

The Webandrank crew had a look at Adbrite and Adsense to see who provides a better service.

For any newcomers to the blogging scene maybe a few definitions may help. If you have a personal blog you can, if you want, sell advertising space to make money (but don’t tell your anti-capitalist friends – they might call you a sell-out), this is called website monetization. It is only worth selling ad space if you have a lot of people visiting your blog. A multitude of ad networks exist to help you place advertisements on your blog Continue Reading

How Social Media Activity Translates Into Real Profits

img00357 20091225 0954 webandrank.thumbnail  How Social Media Activity Translates Into Real ProfitsIs Social Media just too uncontrollable and unpredictable; are the real profits to be made in predictable and measurable SEO.

Johns Wu in a recent interview has shot down Social Media and has stated that SEO is the real way to make money.

Johns Wu, is a blogging genesis, in 2006 he started the blog Bankaholic.com and 3 years later he sold it for $14.9 million.

Bankaholic.com, was created and run by Johns alone, he exclusively used search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques to climb the rankings.

Mr Wu, is currently travelling the world and is not an easy man to track down but somebody was able to pin him down for a revealing interview. Continue Reading

Try To Make Sure That Each Post Has Something Useful

web story webandrank.thumbnail Try To Make Sure That Each Post Has Something Useful Is content still king or will time-travelling searches be the most important thing in making your blog SEO effective.

Most people believe that up-dating your blog everyday will help you to improve your search ranking but this might not necessarily be true. It is the quality or freshness of your blog that really matters and not the frequency with which you post.

In a recent Q&A webmaster video Matt Cutts addressed this question.

As to be expected Matt stresses the point that quality content is much more important than the frequency with which you post. At the same time Matt does say that users appreciate frequent updates as people are hungry for information. If you give people a reason to come back then this is good for your page views. I think Matt is worth quoting here:

“Whenever you’re thinking about search engines, it’s much, much, much more important to think about the quality of your content. For example, on my blog, I don’t post every day. Sometimes I don’t post every week. But I try to make sure that each post has something useful about it…” Continue Reading

How Will the New Emergency Budget Effect SEO in London?

dfret webandrak.thumbnail How Will the New Emergency Budget Effect SEO in London?Conservative governments have traditionally favoured business, but will the new budget under a Lib-Con coalition see a return to Thatcherism. London based SEO companies will be waiting to hear if the new budget will help business, if it does we may see a growth of online businesses in the UK. The SEO companies will be looking to help market these businesses online.

However, with fears over a double dip recession will the UK be able to survive huge cuts; we can take a look at who wins and who loses in the UK’s emergency budget.

Here are some of the important decisions:


VAT to rise from 17.5% to 20%.
Income tax will be adjusted so basic-rate taxpayers will pay up to £170 a year less.
Low and middle-income earners will continue to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) at 18% but higher income taxpayers will pay 28% CGT.
The 10% CGT rate for entrepreneurs will be extended from the first £2m of qualifying gains to £5m. Continue Reading