Why Big G Buy Social Game

social game article webandrank.thumbnail Why Big G Buy Social GameDoes Social Gaming sound like more new age computer jargon that seems to mean very little. It is normal now to hear online, gaming and social in the same sentence everywhere you go. The young generations are obsessed with gaming either online using the Xbox or PS3; or simply downloading mini games online and trying to figure out which block goes where.
According to lord wiki social gaming ‘commonly refers to playing games as a way of social interaction, as opposed to playing games in solitude, like some card games (solitaire) and the single-player mode of many video games. Continue Reading

The Importance of Business Surveys

internet survey webandrank.thumbnail The Importance of Business SurveysHow many peoples eat chicken?

In the web business world your company is pretty much nothing if you do not measure and survey at every opportunity.
Business surveys and polls are great ways of learning about your existing customers but more importantly they can help you to reach into new markets. By surveying for what makes people tick you can know what they need and how to sell it to them.
Conducting surveys is not easy and it’s especially not easy on a large scale. Continue Reading

Google Buy For The Next Social Strategy

webandrank angstro.thumbnail Google Buy For The Next Social StrategyYet Another Google Acquisition
The latest firm to be acquired by Google is Angstro. Angstro is a social networking startup.
The unique thing about Angstro is that is pulls in data from various social networks and websites like facebook, twitter and reddit. Angstro showed its potential by making it to the finals in Techcrunch 50. Google must see massive potential in technology that specifically interprets the interoperability between the different social networks. Continue Reading

Japanese Internet Marketing Strategy pt.2

view revisi 3edit.thumbnail Japanese Internet Marketing Strategy pt.2Webandrank is back to finish what it started. There is so much money to be made from search engine marketing and optimisation in Japan that it seems ridiculous that more companies don’t already exploit these prospects.

In the first article the Webandrank team explored four ideas; they were the language barrier and especially the written word; focusing on one specific search engine, and in the case of Japan it is Yahoo! Japan that rules the roost; next it was the importance of mobile search, so many Japanese people use Smartphone’s Continue Reading

Google Holds 64.2% of all Search in the U.S.

aldo capizzi webandrank.thumbnail Google Holds 64.2% of all Search in the U.S.A recent report from The Nielsen Company shows that Google is still the daddy in U.S. search, but reveals that Yahoo! and Bing have experienced relative growth.
Although Google’s share of the searches dropped from June to July it still holds 64.2% of all search, put in another way every 3 out of 5 searches was made through Google. How do they do it? Continue Reading

Holiday Madness: SEO Australia

webandrank campbaboutoz seo australia.thumbnail Holiday Madness: SEO AustraliaSpecial SEO Australia

Are listings and directory sites making the browser experience too confused and convoluted

I have just recently returned from a holiday with my girlfriend to the Gold Coast in Australia. Needless to see the place was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Probably the most stereotypical country I’ve ever been to, they do love beer and barbecues (every night), and they always say ‘ay’ at the end of each sentence and call you ‘mate’. Continue Reading