Growth of Network Consulting Training Seminars

digital marketing.thumbnail Growth of Network Consulting Training Seminars Explains the advantages of attending training seminars for consultants to grow their network. Have you ever attended one of those consultancy firm’s seminars that offer training? Why are these things important and how it helps you grow your network? Growing your network is important, regardless of the type of industry you are in. Continue Reading

World’s Spammers Ranking

spam article blog.thumbnail Worlds Spammers Ranking Name and Shame Spammers: The Spamhaus Project
Did you know that roughly 100 known professional spam gangs create 80% of all the spam aimed at Internet users in Europe and North America?Luckily for us a team of spam busters works to uncover the names, aliases and operations of these gangs. This team is called Spamhaus. Continue Reading

2011 Median IT Salary

internat salary.thumbnail 2011 Median IT Salary How to see if  your current job ranks with the median IT salary  for similar jobs in your industry?recent reports show that after IT salaries took a hit from the recession things are again looking on the up in 2011.
The predictions for 2011 indicate reasonable increases in average for median salaries across the board. Continue Reading

Publishing, a New Meaning

publish.thumbnail Publishing, a New MeaningYears ago, the time spent writing an article was measured in days and pages. The turnaround time from mailing to news of rejection or acceptance would be weeks. Today, I can write a decent article and, if I’m lucky, have it guest-posted in a day or two. So, the news is all good, right?

Continue Reading

All in One SEO Music

all seo music.thumbnail All in One SEO MusicI like finding new music, but it’s not easy to find sites that promote genuinely interesting new music.
A search for new music will normally return results for Pop music, such as the billboard charts. I don’t know about you but I’m not really into Pop music, I enjoy music that’s a little different. There are a hundred bands, DJ’s, rappers, soloists, producers etc out there making original and thought provoking music. Continue Reading

Mobile Web Optimisation service

mobile web optimisation service.thumbnail Mobile Web Optimisation serviceWebandrank offer web optimisation service (Mobile SEO) and Digital Asset Optimisation service (DAO) for  mobile development but Ektron  is one of those technology firms  in the mobile software service that lots of people inadvertently use without knowing it.They are a company that design software for web content management around the Microsoft .NET Framework Continue Reading