The Future Search Engine

future search engine 150x150 The Future Search EngineTRADITIONAL SEARCH ENGINE TECHNOLOGY

Search Engines have been a great involvement in the evolution of the WWW, since its first steps in the early 90’s: simply put, the technology behind them changed the way information retrieval operated on the WWW, and gave faster access to an increasingly larger corpus of ever-expanding Continue Reading

UPS Mobile App

UPS mobile app UPS Mobile AppUPS Extends Mobile App Reach into 5 New Countries.Three years ago UPS celebrated its 100th birthday and today it can boast being the world’s largest package delivery company to over 200 countries and territories.

It is no surprise that UPS have entered into the world of mobile phone apps to make Continue Reading

Websites Screenshots are Essential

Websites Screenshots are Essential Websites Screenshots are EssentialAfter writing the previous article it dawned on me just how handy these kinds of lists are. Years back when I was learning about computers there was no place to go and find all those usefull tools and programs to keep your computer healthy. It is not just the maintenance programs but all those fantastic apps that do a raft of easy but annoying tasks. Continue Reading

Small List of Super Handy Programs

Small List of Super Handy Programs1 Small List of Super Handy ProgramsHow to Clean Your Computer? There are thousands of programs for cleaning your computer, free to download, that all promise fantastic results. How can you know what programs are safe to download and what programs achieve great results?

Web and rank has put together a small list of super handy programs that can help to keep your Continue Reading

The Largest Market for Mobile Web UseWEb 20

The Largest Market for Mobile Web Use 2 The Largest Market for Mobile Web UseWEb 20According to Fierce Mobile Content the emergence of collaborative Web 2.0 applications including social networking, user-generated content, location-based services and instant messaging will galvanize the mobile web say a new report  issued by market research firm Juniper Research, which forecasts the number of mobile web users Continue Reading

Gain Exposure and Backlinks

Michael Carter webandrank1 268x300 Gain Exposure and BacklinksSince I began blogging, a mind-nag has developed. It can’t be removed surgically, but only through keyboard therapy. The effect expresses itself in a urge, akin to the need for a cigarette to a smoker, to write anything. To many who produce material for websites, such a condition would be considered healthy, a kind of benevolent obsession. Anyone who considers himself a writer, writes. Correct? Continue Reading