2011 Median IT Salary

internat salary.thumbnail 2011 Median IT Salary How to see if  your current job ranks with the median IT salary  for similar jobs in your industry?recent reports show that after IT salaries took a hit from the recession things are again looking on the up in 2011.
The predictions for 2011 indicate reasonable increases in average for median salaries across the board.


Lead Applications Developers    +4.7%
Software Engineers        +4.1%
IT Managers            +2.5%
Project Managers        +2.8%
Web Developers        +4.6%
System Security Admins        +4%

This looks great but taking a wider look at the figures it shows that these increases compensate for the 2-4% decreases of last year. This means that IT salaries have remained the same over the last two years.
However, IT is still a noble profession and pays better than most. IT has been booming for many years, even in 2007-2008 IT salaries still rose on average by 5.3% and in 2008-2009 they rose a 3.7%. The IT field really felt the pinch in 2009-2010.
The affects of the recession could be clearly seen in the amount of available jobs on the market. An IT recruiting site called Dice tech job listed 90,000 jobs in 2007 this took a dramatic slide to 50,000 jobs during the worst year. Thankfully this has again risen to 74,000, good news!


it salary1011 2011 Median IT Salary

Web and Rank’s Tips for IT Job Hunting
The following areas are specialties demanded in the IT profession:

Programming most importantly Java, .Net, Silverlight, PHP, Sharepoint and Flex.
ERP skills.
Help desk pros.
Networking most importantly cloud computing, virtualisation and SaaS.
If you’re wondering what qualifications are worth obtaining in 2011 then check out the following:
Linux certifications (RHCE)
Cisco certifications (CCNA)
Project management certifications (PMP)
Microsoft certifications (MCAD, MCSE, MCITP, MCTS)
Security certifications (CCSA, CISSP, CCSE)

Overall things are looking good for IT but this is no surprise really the rate of IT development all over the world is staggering. It’s less of a problem of finding work the problem is keeping up with the changes.