WordPress Writing Help Pro Blogger

ScreenHunter 02 Apr. 30 18.56 WordPress Writing Help Pro Blogger

WordPress Writing Helper makes Writing Easier.Well, a little bit easier anyway. WordPress have added a new feature to speed up the writing process and improve the technical quality of blog posts for the pro bloggers. The new feature is called Writing Helper and sits underneath the edit box on the Add a Post Screen and dragged Continue Reading

PlayStation in Dissaray After Hack

web rank PlayStation in Dissaray After HackLast Wednesday Sony suspended their network and confused many its users with the message ‘be patient while we investigate an external intrusion’. Today one week later Sony has some very bad news to give to its subscribers. Whoever hacked into the Sony PlayStation network has stolen personal data possibly including credit card Continue Reading

Walmart Shooping Online

Walmart Shooping Online Walmart Shooping OnlineAs we all know Walmart is a huge corporation serving the consumerist needs of people all over the world. Walmart boasts 8,500 stores in 15 countries, under 55 different names making it the world’s largest public corporation in 2010 by revenue.Over the years the reputation of Walmart has wavered. Continue Reading

‘Father of CD’s’, Norio Ohga, Dies aged 81

Father of CDs Norio Ohga Dies aged 81 Father of CDs, Norio Ohga, Dies aged 81Norio Ohga was the former president and chairman of Sony; he was also the man responsible for creating the compact disc (CD). At the age of 81 this great man, who headed Sony from 1982 to 1995 has passed away due to multiple organ failure in a Japanese hospital located in Tokyo.Over half a century ago in 1953, Norio Ohga was discovered by Sony’s co-founders in the Tokyo Continue Reading

Web and Rank Australian Search Engine Placement Service


Darren Lee 150x150 Web and Rank Australian Search Engine Placement Service

CEO of Web and Rank, Alessandro Filippi, is pleased to announce that Web and Rank is teaming up with Darren Lee to offer the Web and Rank search engine placement service in Australia. Web and Rank’s unique ability at international search engine optimization and placement services combined with Darren Lee’s expertise in marketing Continue Reading

Breaking News: FBI Call Bluff on Major Poker Sites

If you try to visit PokerStars, Full Tilt or Absolute Poker websites you would be met with this message:CNBC reported on their twitter page that these three top online poker sites have been shutdown down and control taken by the FBI. Apparently, 11 owners have been charged. Continue Reading