A Bad Day for Trading Leaves Tech Stocks Down

fotoflexer photo.thumbnail A Bad Day for Trading Leaves Tech Stocks DownIt has been a bad night for Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo and Amazon; amazingly the Tesla CEO makes $672 Million in one day.

Webandrank keeps a close eye on the stock markets and some of the companies we follow have seen significant drops in their stock prices. This downward momentum in the stock market can be clearly noticed if we look at the Nasdaq which finished 3.85 percent down; the Dow finished 2.65 percent down and the S&P was down 3.10 percent.

How has the disrupted tech stocks?

For those companies that are important for us SEO and SEM companies it doesn’t look good. Microsoft saw a decline of 4.07 percent and was still sliding in the after-hours trading. Google also sunk down by 3.77 percent, while all this was going on Yahoo is looking to pick itself up after a 4.68 percent drop (and still falling).

Amazon also had a howler of a day losing 7.80 percent value of its stock after its stock fell by 4.93 percent.

However, on the bright side the CEO of Tesla went from zero to $672 million in one day. The Tesla shares closed at $23.89  in the first day of trading which meant a 40 percent lift from where they had been originally priced. Elon Musk will be a very happy man seeing as he started the day with $0.00 revenue.

The stock market has been acting like a crazy man over the last year so I wouldn’t read too much into this slump. Maybe tomorrow the share prices will be up again – anyway lets hope so.