A-Z of Google Instant

a z of google instant.thumbnail A Z of Google Instant A-Z of Google Instant for .co.uk the Kings of istant  SEO.
If you want to see which companies are the kings of organic search then try Google Instant. You can turn on Google Instant by flicking a switch just to the right of the Google search button.
Google Instant will instantly display the most popular results as you type in the letters. If you type ‘a’ into Google.com (with Instant turned on) you get Amazon, AOL, ATT, American Airlines (as of 08/11/10) appear instantly as the first four results, in that order. These guys are the current kings of istant SEO for the letter ‘a’ in Google.com.
This idea about the kings of SEO was first put forward by Tom Foremski over at ZDNet. He listed the A-Z for Google.com here is the same concept but for Google.co.uk.
A – argos, amazon, asda, autotrader
B – bbc, bbc news, bbc weather, bbc iplayer
C – currys, comet, cbbc, cineworld
D – debenhams, daily mail, dvla, dictionary
E – ebay, easyjet, expedia, ebuyer
F – facebook, facebook login, friv, first choice
G – google maps, gmail, gumtree, game
H – hotmail, hsbc, homebase, halifax
I – itv, ikea, iplayer, imdb
J – john lewis, jobcentre plus, jessops, jack wills
K – klm, kfc, kiss, kwik fit
L – lotto, lloyds tsb, lottery results, littlewoods
M – msn, maps, matalan, miniclip
N – next, new look, natwest, national rail
O – o2,orange,odeon, oasis
P – pc world, paypal, play, post office
Q – quidco, qvc, quiz, quotes
R – rightmove, river island, ryanair, royal mail
S – sky, skype, sainsburys, sky sports
T – tesco, tfl, twitter, the sun
U – utube, ucas, uk top 40
V – virgin, vodafone, virgin media, very
W – weather, wikipedia, wickes, we7
X – x factor, xbox, xe, xbox live
Y – youtube, yahoo, yahoo mail, yell
Z – zara, zoopla, zumba, zizzi
It’s interesting to see that the .com and .co.uk lists are quite different, the Internet is more localised than I had expected.
The basic point is if you can get your company into this top 4 search results of a one-finger search you are a king of the istant SEO.