About Cell Phone Radiation

about cellular mobile radiation.thumbnail About Cell Phone RadiationMaybe Mobile Phones Do Give Us Cancer
A new publication is again raising the issue of mobile phones being detrimental to our health. The book comes out of the University of Pittsburgh, is written by Devra Davis and is titled Disconnect.
The main focus is on the increased risks of brain cancer.

The basic facts are, brain cancers have increased in frequency in the 20-29 age group, low-energy radiation does cause damage to the brain and we do not know enough either way to make sound judgments (we are still at the point where we should say ‘better safe than sorry’).
The new reports are being taken seriously. Mobile phone companies including Apple and RiM (Research in Motion) now have warnings on the manufacturers slip about not holding the phone too close to your head. The iPhone suggests that 5/8 of an inch is a safe distance and the BlackBerry suggests a distance of 1 inch. The US cell-phone industry association (C.T.I.A) is dismissing the latest reports.
There are many studies all with a ranging set of conclusions. It seems to me that having a transmitting radio pressed to your ear regularly and for long periods of time is not beneficial for health. It doesn’t hurt to encourage children to text, keep handsets away from the stomachs of pregnant women and use headsets as much as possible.


mr Henry Lai found that 28% of studies with cellphone industry funding showed some sort of effect, while 67% of studies without such funding did so. University of Washington.


Taking precautions is always a wise move; nobody is advocating the banning of mobile phones but simply to be aware of risks that can’t yet be fully measured due to the age of the mobile phone industry. Users, scientists and mobile phone companies are all equally in the dark about the long term effects of mobile phone use.
However, it really is annoying when orgainsations like C.T.I.A who keeps telling us that mobile phones are perfectly safe. They have launched a page titled ‘cell phone health facts’ and the front page has pictures of beautiful young people with mobile phones pressed against their ears (no 1 inch rule followed here). This is completely impartial and bias.
A warning to all users, just be careful and use your iPhone 5/8th of an inch away from your head and wait for the facts.