Alexa Rank Debate

55169782 Alexa Rank DebateThe great Alexa ranking system, if many of you do not know is a ranking system the most SEO professionals look at when rating a website. Also Alexa rank can sometimes influence the page rank on a website. Lately though SEO experts have been saying that the Alexa rank is being debated and maybe is not vitally important as many people have thought it has been. Many SEO experts have been saying this because of the growing trend that Google’s ranking seems to be basing off of their own ranking results rather than Alexa ranking system. Although many people still look to Alexa to tell them valuable resource websites and other trusted website maybe SEO experts should not worry too much about the Alex ranking system after all.

It has always been a great debate to many web designers and SEO experts alike whether they should look at Alexa ranking and worry about their website if it loses any ranking or not. As a SEO expert myself I would not concern myself with Alexa ranking but page rank. Page rank is very valuable for a number of reasons it can also determine trusted websites or not trusted websites (something that Alexa does) and also the higher Page Rank your website is the better off you are in Google’s ranking system. Also backlinks to website become more valuable on a higher page ranking website (Alexa rank does not apply to backlinks). The advice I would give as a SEO expert is to not worry so much on Alexa’s ranking system but on page rank since you can learn much more from the page rank of a website rather than the Alexa rank of the website. There are always two sides to one argument though but Alexa ranking is not anything special compared to page rank.