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all seo music.thumbnail All in One SEO MusicI like finding new music, but it’s not easy to find sites that promote genuinely interesting new music.
A search for new music will normally return results for Pop music, such as the billboard charts. I don’t know about you but I’m not really into Pop music, I enjoy music that’s a little different. There are a hundred bands, DJ’s, rappers, soloists, producers etc out there making original and thought provoking music.Trying to find a website that lists independent, unsigned and underground music is not easy. It is easy to find a specific artist, album or record label if you know what your searching for, but its finding those specific names in the first place that’s difficult.

I am a fan of dubstep and have been since its inception. I remember when it first came about and trying to look for new dubstep was difficult but not impossible. About a month or two ago I searched for ‘new dubstep’ and what did I find ‘’. Many dubstep sites exist but this site fills a void. Some genius out there finally made a site that all us bass heads had been waiting for.

This article is not about music but more about the brilliance and simplicity of this websites SEO strategy. The guys running the site may or may not be aware of this but i think it offers a starting point for beginners who want to improve their organic search work.

Google is responding very well to this site and I have seen its Alexa ranking climb and climb. Looking at their Alexa ranking information they have only one inbound link, a page rank of 0 but an Alexa ranking of 467,612 which is not bad considering the domain is only 3 months old.. The most impressive thing is that they have an Alexa Traffic Rank in the US of 88,942, making it under the 100,000 mark in the US is not easy for this short internet marketing action.

What is it about ‘’ that makes it so effective for the Google bots. Check out Webandrank top organic SEO Rules for begginers. The following reasons have helped this website climb the ranks

Domain Name
The domain name of this site ‘’ is exactly the search term that people looking for this music will enter. Many other music sites try to use cool names like ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ through a normal organic search, how is Google going to find this for you? Effective domain names must do exactly what they say on the tin! Although is a very popular website now.


This site has come about just as dubstep music is breaking out from the UK underground scene and becoming popular in the nightclubs across the world. The distinctive bass-line sound is also pushing its way into the pop charts. People all across the world will hear about this new music and automatically search for it in Google. This site, the owners hope, will capture the dubstep movement as it fuses with the American hiphop scene.

Regular Updates
The website administrators have been updating the site everyday with new videos, music and download links. The site has everything a user could want and presented in an accessible manner. The posts do not just include new tracks, but older popular ones and also videos to make you laugh that are all related to dubstep. Every time they add a description to the post it includes the words ‘dubstep’, ‘bass’, ‘music’ all important for an organic search in the music industry

Bigging Up the Scene:
It is important as a new kid on the block that you respect the elders in order for you to be accepted. This website does what it can to involve all the other producers, DJ’s, event organisers, websites, channels etc. This kind of behaviour encourages people to link in and to also to promote you.

Simplicity is the Best
The site has basically three elements; words, videos and music. The over use of flash and pictures (especially the use of a picture when text could be used) makes it harder for the Google bot to index. This site is super simple but very effective for the search engines. Also, has just one subject and that’s dubstep it does not try to branch out into other music genres or even other topics other than music. If you build a website focus on one thing and become an expert in that field.

This site by no means has a perfect all round beginner SEM website strategy but in terms of picking up traffic from a basic search its a champion to follow.

About the site – he could do with uploading some more chilled out tunes!!! The new age heavy sound of wobbly electronic bass is only one part of the scene. The birth of dubstep came from a much more timid background in Mount Kimbie, Digital Mystikz and Buriel.

All in One SEO Music
The site uses an All in One SEO Pack from Michael Torbet and using WordPress as a content management system, a perfect solution for a beginner SEO startegy.

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