All SEO’s Must Take Into Consideration

All SEO’s Must Take Into Consideration 150x150 All SEO’s Must Take Into ConsiderationGoogle are gunning for the content farms and article banks.

In the las webmaster help  video Matt Cutts discusses ‘Where is Google heading in the future?’

This video offers some help but pretty much leaves us guessing as to what is new in SEO. The main point is that instead of SEO chasing the new Google algorithms, SEO should be chasing what the public wants.

Google is constantly listening to the public to see, what they like, what annoys them, what they hate and the responding to this. Instead of waiting for the Google response it is the job of website developers to also respond to the public and give them what they want. In some cases it might be that the content you are creating is so popular that Google will be responding to what you have created.

Mr Cutts does hint at one thing that all SEO’s must take into consideration. Content farms and article banks (Q&A pages, Demand Media, eHOw, Yahoo Answers, Quora etc) are old news and are no longer effective ways to build traffic. Those sites are just one step up from spam and Google will be implementing measures to stop them appearing high in search. Before you submit an article to one of these sites it might be worth thinking again, as it could do very little for your SEO. We can only guess at how Google will go about filtering these sites.

The basic message of his video is the same as it has always been. If you build an original website, containing great content that gets people reading, watching and clicking then Google will reward you for this. If you simply wait around for Google to release some news on a algorithmic update and then implement some measures to chase this, then you will always be behind in SEO.

SEO in 2011 will be chasing the public and responding to their needs, or the Holy Grail of SEO is to be so innovative and work hard more and more that the public chases you.

See you at the top of the mountain.