Androids Taking Over the UK

android webandrank seo article.thumbnail Androids Taking Over the UKWe are all aware of the ever growing popularity of the Android mobile phone. Research from GfK Retail and Technology indicate that in the UK, Android’s share of the mobile market has jumped to 13.2% in the second quarter from only 3% in the first – quite significant me thinks.

This is not the only surprise, contract market sales grew by less than 1%, at the same time, according to the firm, the sales of Androids phones grew by 350%.

Data is showing that a growing number of consumers are asking for the Android handset by name and that Operating Systems are no longer simply a by-product but a major selling point in their own right says Megan Baldock a GfK analyst.

The sale of Smartphones has looked positive since the beginning of 2010. In the first quarter 55% of contracts were with Smartphones now in the second quarter it is at 66.7% and figures for June are showing at 73.5%.

I think the iPhone antennagate has been good for Android. Samsung have been giving away the Android handset to disgruntle iPhone users. We expect that that Google TV and Google’s App inventor will also increase the Android progress.