Apple Absolutely Killing It: 3.27 Million iPads Sold in June Quarter

black mozaik 1dciflrtb.thumbnail Apple Absolutely Killing It: 3.27 Million iPads Sold in June QuarterIn the last quarter Apple absolutely killed it in sales, more than expected. Shipments of iPad, Mac and iPod were all higher than they had guessed.

Here are the figures (products shipped by Apple):


3.27 million iPads

3.47 million Macs

9.4 million iPods

8.4 million iPhone

Apple are happy about the high Mac number as this means the iPad is yet to eat up all the Mac sales. It is expected that Mac sales will decrease but the fact this hasn’t happened is a great sign for Apple.

The shipments of iPhones were a little lower than expected which is mainly due to inventory issues. However, this is still amazing considering that the iPhone 4 didn’t launch until the very end of the quarter and in limited quantities. The iPhone is also seeing fierce competition from Android.

Despite ‘AntennagateApple is selling every iPhone 4 it can manufacture. There is no sign that Apple is creating a buzz around low inventory to sell more units.

What are the bottom lines? Apple created revenue of $15.7 billion, of which $3.25 billion was clear profit in the June quarter, jumping the shares 2 percent. It was clear that Apple was having a good quarter, but what about the guidance for the September quarter? Apple is expecting a massive $18 billion in revenue with a $3.44 billion profit .