Articles that Employ these Tips Will Show Higher Rankings

Articles that Employ these Tips Will Show Higher Rankings Articles that Employ these Tips Will Show Higher Rankings

How to write an search engine optimized hedline.It can be said that search engines like Google are so overwhelmed with new websites appearing on the net that it doesn’t have time to use the older search engine optimization factors as it once had.Without a doubt, the title of an article plays one of the most important roles with search engine placement on the web today. Not only will an SEO-friendly article headline have the potential to reach higher rankings but a higher ranking in turn sends more traffic.

This is how to write a headline that’s search engine optimized.

1. Figure out the main keyword

Each article should have one main keyword in which it ranks for. Backed by secondary keywords and synonyms, the main keyword should be thoroughly researched using a variety of tools like Google Free Keyword Tool or Wordstream.

Using keyword tools will help determine what keyword web users are search upon. Keep a mental note of this keyword next time the article is being written.

2. Use the keyword in the headline

Now that a keyword has been determined, don’t let it go to waste by barely using it – place it right into the headline, preferably within the first few words.

By placing the keyword in the headline, search engines will immediately pick up the article’s topic and begin to rank it for its keyword.

3. Write link bait headlines

A link bait headline, although not a direct use of keywords, entices search engine users to click through and continue to read the content.

Because the article receives a higher amount of traffic, search engines will give the article a higher search engine placement as it’s relevant to the topic and many find it helpful.

Additionally, a link bait headline will improve the chances that it’s linked to and shared on other websites and social media – this builds a backlink which, in turn, improves search engine optimization.

4. Stick to one subject

A SEO-friendly headline should stick to a single topic. Do not include a variety of other keywords and topics within the headline else search engines will have a difficult time determining what to rank the article for.

A headline plays a very important role in search engine optimization which is the reason to keep each of these four tips in mind when writing a headline.

Articles that employ these tips will show higher rankings opposed to those that have omitted such elements. Keep practicing writing headlines and soon they will flow with ease; ensuring the article ranks well and uses a search engine optimized headline.