Yves Saint Laurent and the "PARIS OF THE SAHARA"


Undoubtedly one of the greatest grand couturiers to ever grace the halls of fashion fame, Yves Saint Laurent’s legendary collections epitomised classic, elegant french tailoring and style. His was a life devoted to a career that spanned close to fifty years of fabulous gowns, iconic jeweled jackets and the hallmark pant suits for women so famously favoured by Catherine Deneuve. Credited as the first French couturier in the ’60s and ’70s to showcase a prêt-à-porter line, YSL’s undeniable creative genius revolutionised the fashion industry and inspired countless designers to follow

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Hotel Bookings Take Place

Date 08.10.2019

HotelTonight has made its first acquisition on Wednesday as it proceeded to purchase PrimaTable – a San Francisco based company. The purchase will help to make HotelTonight become a more exclusive and personal experience when it comes to reserving last minute hotels. PrimaTable is renown for it’s ability to develop inventory demand forecasting and pricing tools for the restaurant industry to be specific. They will now join forces with HotelTonight in the hopes of applying their algorithms and expertise to the hotel industry.

Only earlier this month, HotelTonight proved that they are ready to dominate the hotel industry and set the future for their company. They released an upgrade to their mobile app which brings hotel recommendations to consumers based on their previous visits and experiences. Previously, the app only showed 3 recommendations to users based on their location. 

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How to Manage Your Business Reputation Relationship

The field of communication and media is ever changing, with technological developments and digital transformation creating new brands, opportunities, behaviours and power, and disruption leading to new ideas, demands and expectations. But the truth is, a number of companies do not have reputation protocols in place, that are fitted to the communications landscape of today. Not having a proper plan in place, these companies’ battle seem to be lost before it has even begun, which means that they should understand and implement a reputation management strategy.

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High Web Ranking For Real Estate

Tweet Getting effective content for your website is one of the big challenges for real estate developer and real estate properties search engine optimization company faces. It is most important to get unique content if you want to do the best in real estate and apartment for sale. The more quality content you can build.

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