The Future Has No Wires

Current research in Nanotechnology related to the Internet and mobile devices shows that Nanotech can be used to change both the electronics and the Internet as we know it.What decided the speed of the Internet is not only bases on the actually physical broadband lines and Wi-Fi but also on the hardware that you are using to access the Internet.I guess that you today are using your Cell Phone or your Laptop -Tablet (or that other combo unit now called a Phablet) to surf the net? You are aware that your old equipment was slower than the new one so what will the future bring?The researchers believe that in the future you only use your Cell phone to access the Internet and that Nanotechnology is the main technology that will shape your devices.Nanosensors are very small sensors that incorporate nanoelectro mechanical systems; also called NEMS that are all linked though a wireless system. They are convenient to use for many industries for tracking and intelligence gathering.Such technologies are an alternative to GPS tracking that is today used on cellular phones to tell you where you are right now enabling you to find what you need, when you need it.With the help of nanotechnology, combined with the powers of the Internet your mobile devices will provide you with faster and more accurate tracking capabilities than what you are experiencing today. You will also be able to capture much more data at the same time.

Movement, steps, heartbeat, vibrations, magnetics, temperature, network co-ordination, light, sound, position and much more will be streamed to your devices in real time.One of the challenges we will have as consumers tracking so much data at the same time will be the power supply. Already today our devices run out of power faster than what we appreciate.Researchers are currently working to solve this problem using Nano nodes and nanotechnology on the molecular scale to create batteries that are activated and charged by movement. It will work like a self-winding watch charging itself as you move. Plugging chargers in the wall or walking around with a secondary battery will be of the past.

This combined with solar power nanotech on the back of your phone will give you devices that charge themselves 24/7.

Nano science are now also providing us Drones. This is another word for flying robots or nanobots. It’s actually not something new. Robotic flyers have been used by the military since World War II and according to official logs United States owned flying robots logging 160,000 flying hours in 2006.Originally the robotic flyers were made by basic electronic components limited to size as humans had to put them together. Now, using nanotechnology and 3D printers for metal, the computers are printing Drones as easily as you are printing a picture.These Drones are controlled using your device and the Internet, all powered by Nanotech.

Over the next years you will see Nano Drones flying over your head doing stuff you can’t even imagine. In some cases they will be so small that you will not even see them…Internet has given us the opportunity to shop online and ecommerce is growing rapidly and replacing the traditional retail stores in many sectors. The first company to use nanotechnology drones to deliver your order is Amazon. They where just approved to operate flying Drones to deliver your order at your doorstep.You may be worried about all these flying gadgets up in the air and how they may affect our lives, and you are not alone, but let’s give it some time to see how it will all come together.

When you today use your mobile phone or some other gadget to access the Internet you are wireless. However, most broadband connections into your house or building are still wired technology, which has increased speed over the years.Researchers and scientists are now using nanotechnology to make more sophisticated and faster communication lines and when I say fast, I mean very fast. The line you have today may have a great download speed, but as the amount of data increases it will slow down naturally. Nanotech has been found to be able to increase the maximum fibre speed we have to day up to 100 times. Can you imagine having 100 times faster Internet?
They are using a special polymer material based on carbon atoms to create optical light switches and giving us Internet that is only based on light and lasers. In the future all your broadband will be beamed to you by the speed of light by the help of nanotechnology.Nano-Liquid base can protect the any screen just like a simple spray.

Also your mobile devises will be built using the same and we have already seen them going from the basic handheld phone to a wearable phone.Using nanotechnology we can create mobile devices that are much more flexible than what you have today. Example: A special flexible material that is invented by the scientists changing the molecular surface will in the future give screen that you can bend like a piece of rubber. You can slap your phone around your wrist.We are able to create new materials that do not exist on earth today by changing the molecular surface using Nanoscience.A stone is not a stone anymore, wood is not only wood, glass is not just glass and metal is not just a stiff rod. Nanotechnology can create new materials from our old that is only limited by our imagination.

The Internet has come to stay and the future has no wires. The way we use the Internet has changed dramatically the past years and will continue to change our lives, hopefully to the better. It’s already helping us to connect with more people and helping us to communicate with our friends and families in new ways. It’s only a few years since you could not get hold of somebody if they where not sitting home close to their landline. Today we are maybe to accessible and everything is happening in the now.Nanotechnology and the Internet will speed up your life. It is up to you to slow it down and remember what is important to you; after all we are only human.

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