Hotel Bookings Take Place

HotelTonight has made its first acquisition on Wednesday as it proceeded to purchase PrimaTable – a San Francisco based company. The purchase will help to make HotelTonight become a more exclusive and personal experience when it comes to reserving last minute hotels. PrimaTable is renown for it’s ability to develop inventory demand forecasting and pricing tools for the restaurant industry to be specific. They will now join forces with HotelTonight in the hopes of applying their algorithms and expertise to the hotel industry.

Only earlier this month, HotelTonight proved that they are ready to dominate the hotel industry and set the future for their company. They released an upgrade to their mobile app which brings hotel recommendations to consumers based on their previous visits and experiences. Previously, the app only showed 3 recommendations to users based on their location. The new application gives users more flexibility and shows hotels that are more tailored for their needs. Now, consumers can view hotels based on their previous experience, and also what similar users have enjoyed. HotelTonight currently only works with mobile phones, but it’s specialty is allowing any user to book their hotels stay up until 2 a.m. every single night. Other hotel booking services aren’t able to match it either. In addition, HotelTonight specifically hand picks the hotels they choose to work with – ensuring the highest quality hotel visits for their clients.

HotelTonight’s co-founder explained that he ultimately wants to keep tweaking the application to perfection from the small boutique riad Hotel in Marrakech to the villa hotel in Indonesia or a family hotel in Phuket. In an interview with Mashable, he described his thoughts and feelings regarding the new application. He described that in the future, he wants the application to display one hotel listing which is specifically tailored for the consumers individual needs. He wants to provide relevant and accurate results and ensure that the hotel booking fees are kept as minimal as possible. The partnership with PrimaTable has surprised a lot of businesses, companies and news agencies alike. It’s believed that much bigger, multi-billion companies wanted to work alongside PrimaTable, but instead they chose to work with HotelTonight.

Jamie Davidson, the Co-Founder and CEO of PrimaTable will be joining HotelTonight as the vice president of product. Davidson’s experience spans far and wide, and he is renown in the industry for his expertise. In fact, he has previously worked at Google as a quantitative expert, specifically in charge of optimizing and improving Google’s display algorithm.

With the two companies now working together, it’s only a matter of time before HotelTonight becomes a worldwide sensation. While the company specifically caters for the mobile needs of consumers, it’s widely rumored that the company will expand into the worldwide internet in the coming months and years.

Simon spoke to Mashable and said that he wants to create a better algorithm for the current mobile application, in order to cater for the needs of users. He wants to optimize the app for determining the demand of rooms, and setting individual prices based on demand. This model will offer more revenue to hotels as rooms become limited, and additional income to hotels that are currently experiencing low bookings. As a result, hotel’s will be happier to make more rooms available to HotelTonight users, which in turn will help users to identify more rooms and options. The algorithm currently used is highly technical, but Simon wants to go one-step further and tweak it to perfection.

“Our philosophy toward our users and our hotels has always been we want to make sure that they make as educated a decision as possible,” says Simon. “We want to give them as much information as we can so that everyone feels like they’re empowered”.

To date, the HotelTonight application has received over 3 million downloads worldwide and is currently available in 60 countries. These countries include the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and the majority of European countries. For users in Amsterdam, you’ll be glad to know that the application is soon coming your way.

With the merge of HotelTonight and PrimaTable, it’s almost certain that the hotel booking industry is about to experience a complete rehaul. These two companies possess both the staff and expertise in the industry to change the way typical hotel bookings take place.

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