Building Free Site a Squidoo Lens

Building Free Site a Squidoo Lens Building Free Site a Squidoo LensThis is one web page build trick you should not miss!

Many website owners now build a Squidoo page (or lens) to attract traffic to their online business. Squidoo pages are supposed to offer interesting information for all people to read, it has been operating since 2005.

If you can create a Squidoo lens on an interesting topic related to your business or blog, you can redirect the visitors from the lens to your website. Today I created a lens for one of our clients their business is professional child care. By adding some original and informative content regarding child care I can hope to pull in parents and child care professionals to the lens. At the bottom of the page I can link to as many websites as I like, including, of course the link to the clients desired landing page.

Squidoo is very simple to use (no knowledge of HTML is required), simply visit the site and click to create a new account, all you need is a username and password.

You will be asked to name the lens, pick a topic and sub topic, rate the content (for age appropriateness) and then add tags.

Once this has been completed it takes you to your lens. There is a really easy to follow video and nice tutorials to make sure the lens is as good as it can be.

Squidoo is super cool, there are loads of incentives to keep you unlocking tools and new ways to improve your lens.

Click this link to start building.

Squidoo has to make money somehow, so your page will be filled up with adverts and affiliate links but this is a small price to pay for great coverage. Oh yeah, did I mention that you will get half of this revenue, however it will probably be about 8p a month or something. Your lens would have to attract some serious traffic to start making decent money.

Go on give it a try and become a lensmaster.