Can You See Me Now? 30 Billion Video Chats by 2015

video call webandrank.thumbnail Can You See Me Now? 30 Billion Video Chats by 2015The other day I Skype called my brother and during this call I got to meet my 6 month year old nephew. I realised then that this was an important moment, I started to use the Internet around the age of 15 but before my nephew could even speak he had already been apart of a video chat. At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, the press and analysts were going crazy about 3DTV but the real story of the show was the improvement in technology to handle video calls. It is now possible to hold two-way, real-time video chats or a whole range of devices from TVs to mobile phones. Skype, Apple, Google, Cisco and others are the key players driving this revolution forward.

As Broadband is used more widely, it is suggested by a report on GigaOM Pro, people will make more video calls. The report shows that in 2008 the world made 600 million video calls, this had risen to 3.2 billion by 2010 and is set to grow to 29.6 billion in 2015. Another interesting prediction to come out of this report is regards to the type of devices we will use to make these calls. PCs are the most popular now due to the fact they have the technology to make such calls easily; as the technology for mobile devices and TVs rapidly improves these platforms are expected to account for a significant proportion of the total video calls made.

Webandrank can see how this trend is going to be important for small businesses and Internet marketing. Web techies have been taking advantage of services like Skype for years, its cheap and helps you to communicate more easily. If you have been taking your company global via the use of Social Media and SEO techniques then it makes sense to connect with global partners using video chats. Video chats offer a cheap and more personal way to stay in touch with your clients (a facial expression is often very revealing).

We here at Webandrank expect to see that video chatting tools will become more interesting and user friendly, for example Skype has recently added a tool to make it possible to have group chats. There will also be an enhancement in collaborative potential as developers start to integrate video features into existing tools. These new features should bring functionality currently used by the big corporations within the reach of small businesses.