Social Media Marketing Prove to be More Effective for Hotel and Resort Marketing Campaigns

Hotel and resort industry marketing involves quite a bit more than just running ads. Placing ads in magazines, billboard or any other media outlets, you can describe it as a good marketing and advertising method but not a smart method. Now the hotel and luxury resort owners and managers are utilizing direct response marketing method in every advert they run.

Now people are too much involved with the internet that Continue Reading

Hotel Bookings Take Place

HotelTonight has made its first acquisition on Wednesday as it proceeded to purchase PrimaTable – a San Francisco based company. The purchase will help to make HotelTonight become a more exclusive and personal experience when it comes to reserving last minute hotels. PrimaTable is renown for it’s ability to develop inventory demand forecasting and pricing tools for the restaurant industry to be specific. They will now join forces with HotelTonight in the hopes of applying their algorithms Continue Reading

The Wall of Facebook

Facebook Wallof infographic The Wall of Facebook

Anyone can have its Personal Communication Channel

about unaicositetalk 150x150 Anyone can have its Personal Communication ChannelThe advent of social networking calls into question many of the evaluation criterias that appeared obvious in the previous historical context. Any society in front of a revolution seeks to discover the sense of it, comparing with the previous reality. The change that contemporary society is experiencing is a real restructuring of the cultural dynamics that produce the interpretation Continue Reading

Chief Scientist for Search and Cloud

Raghu Ramakrishnan is Chief Scientist for Search and Cloud Platforms at Yahoo!, and is a Yahoo! Fellow, heading the Web Information Management research group. His work in database systems, with a focus on data mining, query optimization, and web-scale data management, has influenced query optimization in commercial database systems and the design of window functions in SQL:1999. Continue Reading

Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the World

Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the World 150x150 Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the WorldApple has nearly finalised a deal with four major record labels which will bring iCloud to the world. iCloud will be a cloud service used for streaming music from a huge new Apple data centre in North Carolina. The data centre is set to be the most powerful data centre second only to government servers, it will be able to handle millions of streams per minute Continue Reading