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Your Brain’s Role in Social Media

In this week’s Social Media Must-Reads, we take a look at how your brain plays a role in what goes viral.

Here’s what you may have missed:

Your Brain & What Goes Viral

If you want something to go viral, a new study shows you may want to look at psychology and your brain. Mashable.

Social Media Giving Day

As a part of “Social Media Giving Day,” brands including Oreo, Sharpie and Budweiser announced they will help support charities as a way to engage their social media communities. Forbes.

Best Times to Post

Here are ways to determine the best time to post for each social media platform. Social Media Today.

Unlocking Value From Big Data

This article takes a look at how companies are using advanced social intelligence to set their strategies and guide their decision-making. Smart Data Collective.

30 Most Creative People in Social Media

Here is a list of the most creative people in social media marketing, nominated by peers and competitors. Business Insider.

6 Tricks for Social Media Managers

Here are tips for achieving social media vitality. Mashable.

5 Reasons For Social Intelligence

This article shows 5 reasons marketers need to incorporate advanced social intelligence into their strategies. CMS Wire.