.co Now Available

tn weandrank co.thumbnail .co Now AvailableA few days ago the company CO Internet S.A.S made available the .co domains, back in March this year  CO Internet S.A.S announced that this would be the case. The majority of the big registrars are now offering this domain extension.
Will this extension go mainstream? Is the question everybody is asking. Some think that the similarity to .com will either be a curse or a blessing.  The fact is .co is easy to remember but easy to type wrong.
Over the years the .net and .org domain extensions have become successfully functioning alternatives to .com. Many sites using .net or .org still rank well and see a lot of search engine success. On the other side of the coin the domain extensions .us, .tv, .biz which appeared recently are the opposite to successful. They have had little luck in becoming popular, in fact unfortunately for them they have become synonymous with malicious and low quality sites. The ranking within search engines has not been great for these domain extensions.
A little word of advice from Webandrank. If you are going to build a major website or an important blog you should do what ever you can to get the .com domain extension. Even if it costs you some money to get, the trust invested in .com will not be waning anytime soon. For a mini website it is ok to consider the .net and .org alternatives if it saves you money.
Webandrank seriously doubts that any domain extensions will be able to steal the thunder from .com. The .com domain extension is a family name and we have all come to know it well, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.
Another thought for the future is the multitude of extension that will come to life over the next few years.  ICANN stated that they wanted to manage and launch its own extension, and extensions like .sport or .movie will soon be here for us to use.
As the domain extension market becomes more diluted and convoluted it will probably just support .com as the champion of domain extensions.