Contacts Out of Facebook

get out from facebook contact.thumbnail Contacts Out of FacebookEarlier this week Gmail turned off the tap. They confirmed that they would no longer automatically hand over contacts to other websites and services. Cheekily Facebook have offered a work-around solution.
The solution simply tells the user to move their Gmail contacts to their local drive and then upload them to Facebook.
Google’s move came about due to the lack of cooperation Facebook has shown in sharing data. The Google team is frustrated and disappointed with the way Facebook are behaving; the Facebook camp has stayed silent.
A Google representative states, ‘We’re disappointed that Facebook didn’t invest their time in making it possible for their users to get their contacts out of Facebook’ going on to say ‘As passionate believers that people should be able to control the data they create we will continue to allow our users to export their Google contacts’.
The friction between the two Internet giants is not a new story. Most of us in the industry agree that Google is a benign dictator while Facebook is the dangerous rogue.
Most firms are moving towards a goal to make data easily sharable between different platforms and formats. Basically Facebook is the gold mine of data with 500 million unique users, can you blame Facebook for being tight with their most valuable resource.
Google will still be angry about Facebook allowing Bing to access the data but not Google. Facebook is the only challenge to Google’s hegemony, but in some cases it really is better the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t.
Google still holds the most amounts of data but it does not have the social link between itself and its users. Mike Davis from Ovum succinctly states, ‘Its 500 million contacts and links are absolute nirvana for advertising executives and Facebook is a lot closer to its customers. Google is probably the biggest data repository in the world but it doesn’t have that all important social interaction’.
Let’s hope that people stop being stupid and realise that Facebook need to be more open with their data.