Content Delivery Network | Market Report

‘Increasing volume of data on the internet to drive market growth’ From now until 2021, MarketsandMarkets is predicting huge growth for the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market from just over $6 billion to over $23 billion; this works out at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30%.For the most part, this will be a result of the excess video content available as well as an increase in the digitization trend.Currently, there are factors restricting growth within the CDN market including connectivity problems and latency.

‘Largest market share to go to media delivery’

Within the CDN market, there are three key areas with media delivery, cloud security core solutions, and web performance optimization. Since there is a need for reliable managed and unmanaged content delivery, the media delivery solution is currently experiencing growth.

‘Highest CAGR to be seen in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region’

Within the APAC region, there are many prospective growth opportunities and this has come from a marked increase in adoption of mobile and smartphone devices, a rise in cloud services consumption, as well as high levels of video over portable devices consumption.

Primary Interviews

Company Type – Tier 1, 2, and 3 – 30%, 40%, and 30% respectively.
Region – North America, Europe, and APAC – 57%, 14%, and 29% respectively.
Designation – C-Level, Director Level, and Others – 72%, 14%, and 14% respectively.

Included in the report, there are a number of prominent players from various locations across the US in addition to CDNetworks in Seoul and Tata Communications in Singapore and Mumbai. For example; Akamai Technologies Inc, Highwinds, Amazon Web Services Inc, Internap Corporation, Verizon Communications Inc, Google Inc, Level 3 Communications, and Limelight Networks Inc. Furthermore, there were a number of key innovators including MaxCDN, CloudFare Inc, Fastly Inc, Cedexis, and CacheFly.

Coverage for Research

When it comes to the market itself, it has been split up into various different categories including service provider, vertical, core solution, type, and more. Within the type segment, this includes standard/non-video CDN as well as video CDN. In the core solution segment, this looks into the three key areas we saw previously. In ‘regional analysis’, this will include research from different areas including Middle East & Africa, Latin America, APAC, Europe, and, of course, North America. Finally, cloud service providers, traditional and Telco CDN, and others were included for the segment of ‘service provider’.

Benefits of this Report

Ultimately, there are a number of reasons why this report can help everyone from new entrants to market leaders.

• Firstly, it allows us to understand competitors and it even includes a section discussing mergers and acquisitions, expansions, the competitive landscape, and partnerships.
• Secondly, we can gain a better understanding of the growth seen in the market and the challenges we face along with opportunities, restraints, and drivers.
• Finally, we can split the market up into segments which allows for a full coverage of the market. Within the market, we can see close approximations of revenue as well as for the whole market itself.