Corporate Videos – Many Uses within the Corporation

screenhunter 09 oct 13 0945.thumbnail Corporate Videos – Many Uses within the CorporationA corporate video contains audiovisual content relating to a business. Such videos are mostly used to sell products or projects of the company.  For example, a real estate company constructing a commercial building might choose to develop an audiovisual recording that highlights the features and amenities of the proposed building, with a view to impress prospective buyers. But such corporate videos may also be used to raise funds for the business. Therefore, a corporate video can be developed for selected audience comprised of lenders, mentioning therein the essential financial data, which cannot be disclosed on any websites.

The function of a corporate video does bear resemblance to that of a website, but there are differences as well. Websites contain much more information about the business, and its products, and projects. This means a client has to read a lot to identify the suitable project or product on any website. Such excessive information, even if positive, may therefore become a deterrent.

Moreover, there are many websites on the net.  If a website is new, then chances of it being listed on the front page of search engine results are remote. Clients are unlikely to search for information beyond the first couple of pages. So information on websites can be useful only if the client is given the website address specifically. Because of this, some businesses prefer to use corporate videos for their marketing. In such videos, information relating to only one product or project may be given, without confusing the customer with excess information.

Using company video also makes the customer feel special, because not everybody is allowed to watch such information. Apart from using videos for marketing, a corporate video may also be developed and used to train employees on how to use any machinery or program, or make the employee understand his or her role within the organization. This fosters a sense of responsibility in the employees, as well as improving their skills. Websites cannot usually be used for this function. Corporate videos may be played on any DVD, or VCD players, as well as on a computer. This is not possible with websites. An Internet connection is a must for accessing information on any website. Therefore, corporate videos are a better option when the information is to be taken to a place where there is no access to Internet. Unlike websites, corporate videos may be shown to larger audience through the DVD and VCD players. This makes corporate videos a better option for any shareholders’ meetings, or other seminars.

Corporate videos imply recording skills. Therefore, services of a professional may be essential for developing any corporate video. Likewise, some content may also have to be developed. This content may be similar to other power point presentations, except that it is in form of audio video recording, i.e., some music or audio narration too may be included and it can be displayed on a much larger screen than that of a computer monitor.