Cyber war and SEO defence

cyber attack webandrank.thumbnail Cyber war and SEO defenceThe web Georgian Internet nation was target of a coordinated cyber attack by Russian server, which compromised several government sites with defacement and denial of service attacks, and stop the nation’s ability to disseminate information. Good lesson for the future cyber attak.The Ministry of Defense website was unavailable for viewing from the U.K. The Web sites for both the Georgian presidential office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia were  available, but  was due to Georgian redirection work. Denial of service attacks are conducted when a coordinated network of computers sends multiple requests to a given server or computer at exactly the same time, which subsequently shuts down the targeted computer under the barrage of incoming requests .

The cyber attacks ultimately prompted the Georgian governmental sites to switch to U.S. based hosts, while Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs moved to a blogspot account. Cyber war has extended to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti was offline by DDos attack (DDoS attacks consist of overloading websites with so many online requests that systems crash) for 10 hours over Sunday night and Monday morning. Russian based servers AS12389 ROSTELECOM, AS8342 RTCOMM, AS8359 COMSTAR and with the more recent addition of AS8631 Routing Arbiter for Moscow Internet Exchange, are still in a commanding position. AS9121 TTNet of Turkey still remains routed through the Russian servers, not directly to Georgia. But alternative links have been made to AS35805 UTG AS United Telecom of Georgia and other servers based in Georgia.

We don’t know the real sources of the attacks but the first  coordinated cyber attacks against Georgia was detected in July, around one weeks before Russia launched its military intervention. Experts say that attacks launched in tandem with military conflict will likely increase as more global infrastructure is controlled by the Internet.

In 2007, disruptions of Internet service in Estonia like Georgia, formerly a political division of the Russia dominated Soviet Union prompted talk of those events as possibly the first ever cyberwar, but in this case Georgian cybersiege was more coordinated, professional and sophisticated . Anyway in this website we combat against to  the cyberwar and  cybercriminal , we assisting all the organizations or private company to the SEO defence and intenet promotion.