David Cameron and StartUp Britain is a Joke!

David Cameron and StartUp Britain is a Joke1 David Cameron and StartUp Britain is a Joke!Anybody with any sense of morality has written a damning report about mr David Cameron’s latest project to swoon the Great British public. This project is called StartUpBritain and aims to help new startup companies in the attempt to get off the ground by giving free information and £1500 rescue package for all small businesses. Unfortunately for us David Cameron has fallen on his stupid face, the site offers no real help for startups in Britain and in fact harvest links and gives business to existing huge corporations.
Web and rank spotted this article ‘Why “#StartUpBritain” is nothing more than a government backed link farm’ over at postdesk and were amazed by what we read. I encourage you to take the time and read this quite lengthy article.
What exactly is wrong with StartUpBritain:
1. The money vouchers are bogus; they are not exclusive to startups in Britain and merely gather business for existing companies.
“Ultimately, the valuation of £1500 is rather akin to those ‘Tesco Clubcard’ offers you get through your letterbox every other week if you’re a member of their scheme. It’s a good analogy – “£300 worth of coupons” they might say, when in reality it’s comprised of 100?s of 20 pence off deals, and nobody realistically will ever make a saving of £300; not just because half of the offers aren’t relevant to you, but because you’d have to spend £1000?s to take that advantage. As Anthony Cope put it, “Most of these ‘offers’ are too expensive for SMEs to take up.” It’s the same deal here. Maybe the Advertising Standards Agency would be interested in this £1500 claim – because in my eyes it’s impossible to even get a £100 of true, practical and real life savings from this scheme.”
2. It promotes businesses outside of the UK only 18 of the 27 business advertised on websites are UK based companies.
3. Some of the links on the website link to spammy or affiliate link sites.
4. It does not actually help startup businesses. Here is what Chris a commenter on the original article had to say:
“Chris on March 29 2011:
I’ve literally just launched a startup (ecommerce) business in the UK, so I guess I’m exactly the target audience?
I clicked around in the ‘advice’ section without really noticing that it was just links to other sites, not genuine advice from experts. And then when I got to those other sites, I got lots of messages like “You need to login to view the rest of this article”. So much for helping startups learn – I had to login or pay just to even get the advice!
As an entrepreneur, I don’t have time to waste on sites like that, so I gave it no further thought, but thanks for doing the work and exposing it for what it is (a pile of crap!).”
This is a brief rundown of what’s wrong with Cameron’s initiative but I highly recommend reading the original article.