Don’t miss the Advantage of Social Media

tn.thumbnail Dont miss the Advantage of Social MediaSocial Media can be great for your business, Webandrank have two simple and dead easy techniques to enhance your SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE.
The Webandrank team is always trying to come up with new and interesting ideas to help our clients. One little gem of an idea which we recommended to a company in Italy was so simple but so effective that it is worth sharing. If YOUR BUSINESS offers public computers with Internet access like the ones seen in an airport, library, hotel then this will be perfect for you.

Idea 1 – Use a sign.

Yes that’s it, place a sign next to your computer asking its users to find your business on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, digg etc. A few words like ‘find us on facebook’ or ‘follow us on twitter’, and you never know somebody might just do that.
Idea 2 – Control the first thing users see after logging onto a Wi-Fi network.
If you have a business that allows people to log onto its Wi-Fi network then create a page to be used as the first page that users see. This page can include again calls to Social Media action and pull over some new follows to your plethora of Social Media accounts. You could include something like this:
Follow us on Twitter/Like us on Facebook: why not offer a freebie as an extra incentive to take these actions.
Get update to our newsletter: make sure the form is easily accessible.
Check us out on foursquare:
Why not review us, click here to complete the form: for some businesses online reviews can increase exposure and in the long run increase business.

It is good to be aware of the potential problems coming from multiple reviews from the same IP. Websites such as Yelp try to filter multiple reviews from the same website, and Trip advisor looks down upon offering incentives for good reviews. To avoid these problems the solutions are twofold; 1) ask only those with existing accounts (Google, Yelp etc) to review your service, 2) make the page you created available on the public internet, if a suspicion should arise then anybody can go to this page and find out why so many referrals come through that site.
Check out some layouts over at
Just to remind you business owners out there, if you do pull people into your Social Media accounts then make sure something is waiting for them there. If you are doing nothing to make your facebook or twitter accounts interesting then people will not want to be your friend or follow you.

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