Emotional Technology Kit

brain technology.thumbnail Emotional Technology KitEmotiv Makes Science Fiction a Reality.The tag line ‘you think, therefore, you can’ is a catchy insight into a fantastic piece of technology.Emotiv have developed a neuroheadset called EPOC it is a ‘high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset’. It allows the user to interact with a computer on a whole new level, through thoughts alone can the human now communicate with computer technology.
The brain produces electronic signals which can read by the 14 saline sensors on the headset. These sensors are able to detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions and communicate these wirelessly to the computer.

The headset costs $300 and can be used for four distinct areas. The user can tune into their artistic and creative side by using their emotions to create colour, music and art. Users with physical disabilities will be able to control an electric wheelchair, type with their mind or play games hands-free. Able bodied and non-able bodied people alike will be able to control a whole range of games with their minds; virtual worlds will probably be the most popular. Some PC games already have an EmoKey which allows the user to connect to the game using the EPOC. Finally, for market search and advertising, businesses can use the EPOC to get a true insight into how people respond and feel about objects put in front of them.
The EPOC neuroheadset is on limited edition release in the US only. Having read some reviews it looks as if it is too expensive and not user friendly. One person describes it as ‘an expensive toy for people to experiment with, or a cheap device for scientists to do research with’. Most people are saying that it becomes boring to use after a while. However, EPOC is a great gadget and definitely a step into the future, with a little more refinement and development of apps and games this kind of technology will be as common as a joystick.

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Brain Computer Interface Technology

The brain computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a direct neural interface or a Brain Machine Interface, is a direct communication pathway between a brain and an external device. BCIs are often aimed at assisting, augmenting or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions.