EU Backs Webinars One App for All

img00532 20100915 1545.thumbnail EU Backs Webinars One App for All A European project, named Webinar, has been given a cash injection of 10m Euros by the EU. The project hopes to develop an application environment for every internet-connected device.
The end game for this European project is to move away from operating systems and proprietary app stores by providing a web-based approach. This basically means that any app will work on smartphone, web-ready TV’s, in a car with no need to worry about the makers of the devices.

Webinars One App for All
Webandrank is hopeful that Webinar will be able to grow wings but the likely hood is that it may become a none-starter. The Webinos project is being lead by The Frauhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems. The project has some substantial backing with organisations such as EU Backs Webinars One App for All Deutche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

The core technical principle of the project is to create a device that allows apps to be run in a web environment instead of directly in the depths of a given device’s operating system. Most software developers focus on creating new operating systems or techniques to translate software from one platform to another.
This would certainly be a useful tool for all Europeans if it can be developed and made operational. The big problem is that Apple, the fastest growing manufacturer, is yet to sign up for any of these types of schemes. Until Apple shows some interest you can expect to see this lie dormant.
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