Facebook Gamification

Facebook Gamification Facebook GamificationPlay Games on Facebook! The popular social network site have hundreds of free Facebook games to play including action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, racing and shooting games. Millions of users in the planet uses this search network service to connect their family, friends or other peoples .But actually,we belive the Facebook Game in 2011 will be more than just a place to play and relax but also meeting with your old friends or family members and spend your free time .Facebook free game page SILVERGAME currently uses various algorithms to generate a list of user via the status report.

The new games filter is like the Games dashboard, but will be more easy to use and convenient for everyday users, so for Facebook more control and cohesiveness between the social contact and Ad, what you can do for example with the facial-recognition feature.We belive the next step in 2011 will be a pay for use future and options.If your client target is not motivated try Facebook game marketing action.

The next Gamification Summit in San Francisco January 20-21, 2011 will brings together top thought leaders in game mechanics and engagement science for the first time,thisc new science of social network engagement are rewriting the rules of brand marketing online, product design and customer acquisition for the new social network era.

We like the dynamic company www.bigdoor.com they allow you to try and create a successful implementations or kill time at work in your website , a fully customized virtual economy for free with no upfront cost. Only when  your economy is up and running you just pay for what you use.This new start up create by Keith Smith and Jeff Malek will help you to improve the online experience for your community.The gamification social network is start.