Facebook Places Rolled Out in the UK

  It will now be possible for users of Facebook in the UK to share their location on the Facebook site. Facebook Places is a tool that allows people to make their location available to their friends, follow their friends’ location and tag people in the real world.
The UK will operate in exactly the same way it does in the US. If you would like to find out more then check this link http://www.facebook.com/places/.
The privacy issues surrounding this technology have been highly disputed. The two issues that stick out are possibility for stalking and the possibility for burglary. Facebook has been able to overcome privacy concerns expressed by users and organisations for the international launch.
The UK launch also shows that Facebook is in control of all the technical problems involved in the check-in process. The question is what will be the next lucky country to get Facebook places?
Webandrank believe this is one piece of technology we don’t need. Why would you want to show people your location, if a friend needs to find you then they can simply call or text a message. The most likely use will be to make people jealous by showing your location at some pop (Justin Bieber) concert or desirable holiday destination. Thanks Facebook for helping us develop our ego’s with another useless tool.