Facebook Save Energy

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The amount of energy used by the IT industry is massively underestimated by the average person. It may surprise you to know that it’s on a par with the aviation industry. The latest IT organisation to jump on the Green band wagon is Facebook.Facebook have joined the Digital Energy Solutions Campaign (DESC), to help green the Web, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) has confirmed. 

Having spoken with Jonathan Heiliger the Vice President of Technical Operations he states that:

‘Our ongoing philosophy has been to improve the efficiency of our infrastructure and we continue to invest tremendous resources to improve our own operations’ Heiliger then goes on to say ‘by creating and sharing innovative technology solutions, we hope to help raise the visibility of the importance of environmental sustainability across all industries. Today, we’re proud to be joining with DESC to help make efficiency and environmental responsibility a priority for everyone’

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One example of the sort of energy efficiency work that the Facebook organisation has been doing is the launch of HipHop for PHP. This programming language allows the servers to do what they do but by only using half of them. This of course saves half the energy.

Another way in which Facebook is helping the Green marketing movement is by creating a green page as a resource for individuals and organisations.Let’s hope that this is a genuine interest in environmental issues rather then an effort to be a part of the rapidly expanding green technology markets.