From Egypt and Yemen to Fight for Internet Freedom

From Egypt and Yemen to Fight for Internet Freedom From Egypt and Yemen to Fight for Internet FreedomThe hackers from ‘the anonymous’ group will help hacktivists from Egypt and Yemen to fight for Internet freedom. The hackers have brought down the websites of Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh; Egypt’s ruling party and ministry of information; and some Tunisian websites including the government’s official website. Growing Dangers Being a part of these hacking protests is a dangerous thing, the authorities are stepping up their aggression in the clamp down. The UK has seen five arrests and the FBI raided homes all across the US to catch those involved in supporting Wikileaks. These hackers supported Wikileaks by attacking government, credit card and other sites that were against them, through a DoS offensive. A spokesman from security firm Sophos has tried to put the fear in those thinking about joining the hacking offensive. “If you participate in these attacks, you are knowingly engaging in a cyber crime…If you aren’t prepared to go and throw rocks, then maybe you should think again about clogging up websites with traffic.” The hard-core hackers require willing foot soldiers to give up their PCs in order to flood the target website with server requests. Too many server requests and the website crashes. The comment regarding ‘throwing rocks’ is fairly off-key, if it was possible to get out there to throw rocks, people probably would. Many people feel strongly about authoritarian regimes or acts of war, in the eyes of those people cyber protest is clean, causes no physical human harm and gives a strong message. The problem in the future will be the chicken or the egg scenario. The hackers will blame authoritarianism for their actions, and the government regimes will blame increasing authoritarianism on the uncontrollable hackers. Which side will you choose?