GoDaddy + Kill Elephant = NODADDY

GoDaddy + Kill Elephant NODADDY1 GoDaddy + Kill Elephant = NODADDYCEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, may well be feeling the heat as a rival domain registry company starts the ‘NoDaddy’ campaign. Bob Parsons made a huge mistake by shooting dead a bull elephant and posting the video to his twitter page, it soon became international news.Venovix who started the ‘NoDaddy’ campaign are following the lead of NameCheap who started a PR campaign with the intention to ‘save the elephants’ and give two fingers to GoDaddy. Angry elephant loving customers have been leaving GoDaddy to seek elephant friendly domain registration companies. The NameCheap ‘save the elephant foundation’ has raised over $20,000 so far.

It is now Venovix’s turn to try and scrape away some customers from GoDaddy. The ‘NoDaddy’ promotion offers free domain migration and web hosting for GoDaddy users if they donate to the International Elephant Foundation. The offer will finish at the end of April and requires users to donate $2 per domain. The offer includes six months of free hosting as long as the user commits to a one year deal.

A statement from Michelle Sciuto, marketing director and co-founder of Venovis reads:

“Upon learning of the disheartening story of Bob Parsons killing an African elephant, we decided to cease our involvement with GoDaddy…Recognizing the technical challenges others face when switching domain registrars and web hosting providers, we’re helping those who feel compelled to make the transition with us. Venovix will take care of the technical details for free and give you six months of annual web hosting for free. All we ask is for your support of the conservation of elephants with a donation to the International Elephant Foundation.’

It would be amazing if this one rather huge PR fumble is enough to destroy the reputation of the company for good.