Google Alarm

google alarm webandrank.thumbnail Google AlarmA sweet little plug-in has been developed to alert you every time your personal info is sent to Google servers. The plug-in is called Google Alarm and works via notifications, a running tally of dangerous sites and of course an annoying vuvuzela-like alarm.

The plug-in was created by a developer called Jamie Wilkinson (also the creator of Know Your Meme, and and posted up on F.A.T. This quirky little plug-in is compatible with Firefox and Chrome and was built during F.A.T’s F*uck Google Week in Berlin. There has been growing unrest towards Google privacy issues, Google Alarm I’m sure will be installed by all those suspicious of the search giant.

Wilkinson shared a few words on why he created this tool, ‘Google makes fantastic products and gives them all away for free, which has made them into a ubiquitous and omniscient power in the Internet. Google Alarm and F*uck Google in general are meant to show how this single unregulated company now captures more info about us then any government agency ever could. When I started developing Google Alarm I was blown away to discover that 80+percent of websites I visit have some kind of Google tracking bugs on them’ – Damn, 80+%.

Want to know how it works? Wilkinson states ‘Google Alarm inspects each page you visit for Google-related URLs; for example for Google Analytics, for YouTube embeds, URLs for AdSense, and loads more’, he goes onto to say ‘each service triggers an individual visual and audible alert to help you become more aware of when you’re transmitting data to Google’.

Interested? Well it’s free to download over on F.A.T and the source code is open, Wilkinson is open for suggestions. Check out the video, to see if you like it.

Google Alarm from Jamie Dubs on Vimeo.

This is not the first plug-in we have seen of late, BP Oil, Shaved Bieber and Ex-Blocker are all great examples. Webandrank hopes that in the future these become official legitimate tools. We all spend so much time on the Internet these days that it’s natural for us to start hacking our web browsing experience so we can see how much we are being observed and analysed. Wilkinson says ‘ I wish we had something as powerful for our TV sets’. Right on!