Google Apps Now in India

google apps now in india webandrank.thumbnail Google Apps Now in IndiaIndia is one of the countries at the fore-front of the tech-industry. Indian tech engineers now work all over the world as their expertise is in short supply. The large population of India will soon have better access to Google Apps. Google and Tata Communications stated that they have struck a deal that involves both India and Google Apps.

A representative from Tata Communications explained that they ‘Tata Communications is partnering with Google to roll-out the Google Apps portfolio of web-based office productivity applications to businesses in India

This all sounds good. There should not be any problems with Indian users using Google Apps as research shows 95 percent of Asian organisations are familiar with SaaS and SaaS-based apps. It is said that India is market fastest growing for SaaS in the Asia Pacific region.

The hope for the future is that Tata communications will eventually spread itself wider by making partnerships in other developing and emerging markets around the world. Most likely including Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Businesses in these emerging markets will be wanting to save money and Apps such as Google Apps offer cheap work based solutions to the often expensive traditional ones. User friendly and cheap is going to make Google Apps very popular over the world.

There is currently no time frame for this planned expansion or any other details regarding this partnership.

In terms of SEO and SEM India is one of the busiest countries in this field. With the use of Google Apps in the work place we may see an acceleration in Indian based SEO. Let’s hope that the poorer nations of the world can have access to IT communications. Spreading knowledge and giving people the opportunity to make business is a fantastic way to transform a country.