Google book Search update a set of free tools

gbs preview button1 webandrank Google book Search update a set of free tools

Helping people find related books:

Publishers blog or all website can now embed books from Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Book Search index an you get also the new ways  to display full search results from Book Search and put social features like review or rating.Will be a interesting ways to drop books wherever you want, entire public domain works to your sidebar or article review.


This tool  help sites connect readers with books and get access to a larger book distribution platform or peek directly into these books as well. Google (Nasdaq: GOOG)  book tools work an open set of APIs, which anyone can use to build applications drawing on the unique search results and preview capabilities.


Who’s using the Book Search APIs?


Arcadia Publishing

Livraria Cultura








The University of California


Stanford University Press

The Book Depository


How to get the Books Search ?


You just plug in the book ISBN, along with the size you need, and generates four lines of code using JavaScript put into your post instead of your blog or website and  lets you reliably and dynamically link to Book Search previews using JavaScript, so your readers can have the option to buy or download a PDF copy when the book in no longer under copyright.