Google Holds 64.2% of all Search in the U.S.

aldo capizzi webandrank.thumbnail Google Holds 64.2% of all Search in the U.S.A recent report from The Nielsen Company shows that Google is still the daddy in U.S. search, but reveals that Yahoo! and Bing have experienced relative growth.
Although Google’s share of the searches dropped from June to July it still holds 64.2% of all search, put in another way every 3 out of 5 searches was made through Google. How do they do it?
In a very distant second place is Yahoo! with 14.3% of U.S. searches and in a slightly more distant third is MSN/Windows Live/Bing with 13.6% of the share. Amazingly the top three search engines account for 92.1% of the search share which is 9 out of every 10 searches.
It is not all doom and gloom for Yahoo! and Bing they both experienced growth in the Month-on-Month share.  4% for Yahoo! and 2% for Bing. The Year-on-Year change is a little more revealing, there has been very little change for Google but amongst its competitors there has been significant change.
MSN/Windows Live/Bing’s share grew from 9.0% to 13.6% a relative increase of 51% while Yahoo!’s share dropped from 17.1% to 14.3% making that a relative decrease of 17%.

Top U.S. Search Sites for July 2010, Ranked by Share of Search

1    Google Search     64.2%  -1%      -1%
2    Yahoo! Search    14.2%    4%    -17%
3    MSN/Windows Live Bing Search    13.8%    2%    51%
4 Search    2.1%    2%    24%
5    AOL Search    1.9%    -3%    -38%


Source: The Nielsen Company

Search numbers have actually decline over the last year in the U.S. by 16%. In July 2009 the number of searches was 10.5 billion but in July 2010 it is 8.8 billion, maybe a significant drop. Bing is definitely making noise being the only search engine to show an increase in search volume over the year with a 28% increase from 0.9 billion to 1.2 billion.

Top U.S. Search Sites – July 2010, Ranked by# of Searches

All Search    8,856,795    -3%    -16%
1    Google Search    5,682,023    -4%    -17%
2    Yahoo! Search    1,262,772    1%    -30%
3    MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search    1,208,470    -1%    28%
4 Search    189,243    3%    4%
5    AOL Search    172,401    -10%    -47%
Source: The Nielsen Company

All of the searches counted and reports by Nielsen are explicit (organic) and not contextual (paid)