Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the Web

screenhunter 05 aug 06 1309.thumbnail Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the WebThe User Interface (UI) for Google Image Search has been improved to make it more intuitive.  The changes have bought about positive and negative reactions.
The changes might be an attempt to play catch up with the Bing image search system which is preferred by most users.  You could say that the new updates are like marmite, you either love it or you hate it.
What has changed?
The most obvious of the changes to Google Image Search is the image search page itself. The space has been maximised with images squeezed in shoulder to shoulder making them easy to browse in an almost infinite scroll down list. Google have opted out of offering image information at this stage and have gone for a pure image list. For those simply looking for images this is a great feature, Webandrank believes this is way more functional then the old system . Although, some users like to use image search to find websites and now the URL is not displayed it makes this function less convenient.

Advanced Image Search:

screenhunter 01 aug 06 1222 Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the Web

If you want to get at the image info you must hover over the picture of interest. Here you can find the image size, image name, relevant text and URL address. This is where the webmasters enter, this information was offered without the need to hover before the update, hiding this information distracts the user from the original source. If you gain a lot of traffic through your images then this might reduce that traffic.

Results from Advanced Search:

screenhunter 02 aug 06 1222 Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the Web

The next update has really got the knickers of Google The Most Comprehesive Image Search on the Web service users in a twist. After clicking on the image of interest, instead of going to the website of origin with the Google Section in the top of the browser, Google has opted for a light box effect of the image over a greyed out website behind and the Google frame on the right side.

 Results from Google image Search:

screenhunter 03 aug 06 1224 Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the Web

The main issue with this is it has added an extra click between Google Image searcher and the website the imagine is on (you can see the imagine without ever visiting the website). Also the entire page is loaded in the users browser, using the website’s bandwidth but not exposing the browser to its advertisements.
Is it the case that big G is taking the importance away from the source website and placing more emphasis on Google Image Search. Maybe, whatever Google is doing many webmasters who make money from advertising are fiercely angry.

When you click to the image you can see the size, copyright,link,type:

webandrank detail google search image Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the Web
Google Image Search has been good and bad for photographers and artists alike. It is great at directing site specific traffic but not always good at protecting the intellectual property rights of those artisans. Most webmasters who rely on being found by image search were happy to tolerate the grey area of copyright issues on Google Image Search, ‘we don’t care if the odd person steals our pictures as long as we can make money from the high traffic coming to our site through our images’. The new updates now use this greyed out scheme with the light box in front, this is probably going to put-off many webmasters from using Google Image Search opting to remove their websites from Google Image Search altogether.
Webandrank thinks that it is probably worth removing your website if you are an artist or photographer (or in some other trade that relies on pictures). However, if you upload picture to sites like Flickr or Picasa then Google can still access them from there (a bit annoying really). The news on the grapevine is that Google might add a copyright legislation tool to its webmaster tools.
For all of those people who hate searching in the new system it is possible to scroll all the way down to the bottom and switch the interface back to basic.

moz screenshot 6 Google The Most Comprehensive Image Search on the Web