Google Wants to Help Us Park Our Cars

google park androide webandrank.thumbnail Google Wants to Help Us Park Our CarsThis idea seems utterly ridiculous but I can’t help but think that it’s awesome at the same time.

If you live in an urban area and have spent hours roaming the streets for a place to park then maybe Google has solved this problem for you. The idea requires other people to act selflessly in the pursuit of helping others find parking spots – this is either going to make or break the idea. It will be interesting to see how people actually take this on. The tool is called GOOGLE OPEN SPOT, and is the latest addition to Google Labs, and is to be used on the Android phones.

How does it work? Get the application running and you will see a map of the area that you are currently in, displayed on this map will be coloured dots that indicate a parking spots. These dots have been placed by other Android users by pressing the Mark a Spot button when they vacate a busy car park or from the goodness of their hearts when they just so happen to see an empty spot (it does sound a little ridiculous, doesn’t it).

The spots differentiate in colour because they show how long the space has been open. If the space has been open for 10-20 minutes the dot will look yellow, if it is less than 5 minutes old it will be bright red. After 20 minutes the spots will disappear; you can see parking spacing WITHIN A  MILES RADIUS  of your current position.

Like I already said fantastic idea, very quirky and niche indeed, but will the general public make it work. There is not any incentive to actually mark empty spaces but Google is deploying a simple karma system to reward users when they mark an empty space. The thing is the karma is not going to build up and eventually make it easier to park your car it will just simply make you feel good. Maybe the feel good factor is enough – is it enough for you? There are a few ideas floating about, such as adding a leader board, to create more incentive but I doubt this is sufficient.

I don’t know if you been to London but it’s hell parking in the City (central London) and is really expensive. The fact is spaces go so quickly, making your way 9 MILES to find an empty parking is a bit stupid, that journey is almost certain to finish with you finding a taken space.

Google have stated that they have ways to monitor ‘griefers’, as they are known, by making sure they aren’t leaving multiple fake parking spots. I think it’s funny that we rely on our fellow human beings to act altruistically to make this system work but we are still worried that humans will deliberately act malignantly to corrupt the system.

This may have an effect on your intelligence. The time saved on finding a parking spot easily can be used to read all the latest news .