Green Marketing Strategies

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This may seem like an odd concept but it is possible. The use of computers has helped reduce the human carbon footprint in many ways. The Internet and ICT (information and communication technologies) provides virtual products and services directly as a replacement for real equivalents.  Obvious examples are that we can save the use of paper for books, office files and pictures by storing all this information virtually; save the use of plastics in the making of CD’s, DVD’s, their cases and inlays by sharing digital music and movies on-line. The Internet has also helped reduce our carbon footprint via the use of virtual networks, cloud computing (this is where shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like an electricity grid) and next generation solar powered PDA’s and cell phones for access to the Internet. Bits and bandwidth are virtually carbon free but did you know that the carbon footprint of the Internet will soon overtake the aviation industry?

We at as a Search Engine Placement Service have a vested interest in the sustainability of the Internet and take seriously the wider issues regarding climate change. That is why we have chosen to support the Greenscroll organisation in the hope that we can reduce our carbon footprint and get others interested in making the Internet more environmentally friendly. ‘What is Greenscroll?’. Imagine an Internet powered completely by renewable energy sources and not reliant on ‘brown’ energy. Greenscroll is a non-profit organisation encouraging its supporters and partners to invest in green energy projects, such as solar energy and wind farms that can be used to power the internet. The scheme relies on internet business’ to donate money until enough money is saved to invest in a green energy project.

The Greenscroll hompage has a real time counter that counts how many page views its supporters have greened, check it out here