Have You Tried Twellow

webandrank twitter Have You Tried TwellowThe guys over at WebProNews have created a handy little website called Twellow.

Twellow is a direciory like the yellow Pages but of public Twitter accounts, making it easier to find people, groups, institutions, businesses or whatever it maybe that you’re looking for. It is free to sign up as long as you have an existing Twitter account. It is a great way to spread yourself or your business deeper into the net and find people of a similar mind set.

The point is that finding people worth following is not that easy because of the sheer amount of information. Sites like Twellow break down all the information into categories and makes sure the accounts are relevant for you.

How it works

Quote taken from (http://www.twellow.com/about.php)

“Twellow.com is currently grabbing publicly available messages from the Twitter.com micro-blogging service. We then analyze and categorize each of the users responsible for those messages into the various categories found at Twellow.com. By adding these people to specific categories we help you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for. In addition to twitter, we’re actively working on adding more social media services to broaden your capacity to find people who matter.”

Get on the Twitter Yellow Pages today.