Lunch New Website

HotelClubSardinia lunch new website Lunch New WebsiteLand of great mystery and wild charm, Sardinia, with varied landscape, cliffs and vast sandy beaches, caves and crystal waters  is one of the pearls of Italy.

Marketing director, Sandro Perrone, announces a new version of the website dedicated to the hotel reservetion industry in Sardinia Italy. This new site is much more user friendly and has a sotware search system much simpler, thanks to a wide range of hotels throughout the island, clients can personalize their search and find the hotel that best suits to their needs.”With the new design changes, we’re bringing forward the stuff that matters to you and getting all the other clutter out of your way,” Wiggins explained. “Even simple changes, like using a finder hotel via goole map for actionable buttons or hiding navigation buttons until they’re actually needed, can help you better focus on only what you need at the moment.”

The new home page logo is based on merely three guiding principles: focus, elasticity, and effortlessness. The logo is a communication tool and it has to reflect the whole business identity. It’s the representation of the company even before a potential customer cross your door. That’s probably the reason why they must have tried at least 3,042 different sizes before choosing the right one. The new site has an optimal software Hotel Property Management System PMS now interfaces with any individual hotel villas resort. This means that you can manage your establishment’s page directly, updating your calendar, availability, price offers etc and it will be automatically displayed to your HotelClubSardinia Booking listing.

The web has become a place of communication and sharing, of media transformation  and interpersonal relations.The visibility on the web plays a primary role in today marketing strategy of a company. With the help of, a society specialized in internet marketing and web promotion technology, we worked to optimize the image of our brand on the web with a new online booking system that can give benefits to hundreds of hotels in Sardinia Italy. The new offers an interesting and attractive business development opportunity mostly because is focused only on customers from all over the world looking to book an hotel in the island. In order to register to and use Internet to increase your hotel  exposure, room occupancy and hotel revenues, you will just need to record your hotel via the the button Aggiungi il tuo hotel. You will receive, by email, your own web page system where you will be able to manage all the hotel characteristics, such as, description, photos, map, prices and avability. is the one luxurious Sardinian hotels online booking website, it gets 70% of the global search online about Hotels in Sardinia with a massive number of unique visitors every month and it is also the fastest growing online accommodation provider in Sardinia. There are NO registration fees and NO fixed costs. The guest pays the hotel directly and subsequently it will pay a commission fee for the booking that it got through the website. Adding your hotel in Sardinia to our special selection, will give you visibility to thousands of people who visit website everyday and you will be able to generate more rental bookings, ensuring to the customer an high-quality and valuable service.